Cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in Myrtle Beach

The plastic surgeons within the Grand Strand Physicians medical group are dedicated to providing compassionate, relationship-based care by helping you to enhance your beauty and health or restore form and function due to injury or illness. Our goal is give you the best version of yourself through a safe and healthy approach.

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Cosmetic surgery vs. plastic surgery

Many people get a distinct image in their minds when they hear the term "plastic surgery". What they may be surprised to learn is that plastic surgery actually encompasses two types of surgery: cosmetic and reconstructive.

Cosmetic plastic surgery, also known as aesthetic surgery, refers a procedure a patient chooses to have to enhance or reshape a particular body part to alter their appearance to some level, even though that body part is functioning normally.

Reconstructive plastic surgery refers to surgical procedures done to the face or body to correct defects due to birth disorders, burns, disease or a traumatic injury to restore as much function of that body part as possible.

We offer both advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures and our plastic surgeons will work closely with you to deliver an optimal outcome.

Cosmetic surgery services

We perform a wide range of aesthetic surgeries on many parts of the body without leaving any signs of a surgical procedure. Whether you're looking to reshape your nose or interested in liposuction, our specialists are ready to help.

Facial cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic procedures on the face include:

  • Facelift — A facelift addresses the mid and lower face, as well as the neck. With this procedure, we remove fat from areas of excess and often restore fat to areas where youthful volume has been lost.
  • Blepharoplasty — A blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, can improve the appearance of the upper eyelid, lower eyelid or both by removing excess skin and repositioning fat to restore a more youthful appearance.
  • Brow lift — Through minimal, well-hidden incisions in or at the hairline, we can restore the smooth and vibrant appearance of the brow.
  • Otoplasty — Otoplasty is a simple procedure that can change the size, shape, and angle with which the ear projects from the head. We can also perform more complex ear reconstruction for lost or non-developed ear parts.
  • Rhinoplasty — Rhinoplasty is a procedure that changes the appearance of the nose or function of the nose. We provide this service for elective aesthetic improvement, respiratory improvement, and traumatic or oncologic reconstructive needs.

Cosmetic breast surgery

We offer a variety of procedures to affect breast size and shape:

  • Breast augmentation — Through minimal hidden incisions, we can increase the size of your breast while simultaneously improving the shape. The procedure can be performed in an afternoon and allow you to return to work over the weekend.
  • Breast reduction — In breast reduction surgery, the breast is not only reduced but significantly lifted as well. The volume that remains is centralized to restore volume, resulting in a smaller, fuller breast.
  • Mastopexy — Mastopexy, or breast lift, is a procedure that improves the shape of the breast. We elevate the nipple to a more central position on the breast from its fallen position. We also re-distribute the volume to provide a fuller, rounder breast.
  • Removal of breast implant or implant material
  • Revision of breast reconstruction and scar revision of the breast
  • Transgender “top” surgery

Body contouring

We can perform many procedures to remove fat or sculpt parts of the body to change the shape of a patient's body. These procedures include:

  • Abdominoplasty — Abdominoplasty can treat the areas below and above the belly button while simultaneously removing fat and tightening the skin. Mini-abdominoplasty is available for small skin and stretch-mark reduction. We also provide techniques that accentuate the hips while improving the abdomen.
  • Brachioplasty — For many people, the upper arm is the most difficult location to achieve improvement with weight loss and exercise. We cab reshape this hard-to-treat location through brachioplasty, also called an arm lift.
  • Liposuction — We offer liposuction for reshaping the neck, upper and lower flanks, abdomen, thighs and knees.
  • Lower body lift — We can treat the abdomen, back and buttocks at the same time. This procedure can flatten and provide the benefits of abdominoplasty while also lifting and filling the buttocks.

Male cosmetic surgery

Many men are looking at cosmetic surgery as a way to improve their appearance. We perform all facial aesthetic procedures, including, facelift, brow lift, neck lift and rhinoplasty, on men as well as women.

Surgery for body contouring is also available with unique considerations for male patients. Liposuction is carefully tailored to accentuate male muscular dimensions.

Male breast surgery is available for varying degrees of a condition called gynecomastia in which the male breast tissue is overdeveloped.

Reconstructive surgery

An injury or disease such as cancer can affect the appearance of a patient's body and/or the function of body parts. Our compassionate, skilled reconstructive plastic surgeons understand the impact disease and trauma can have on one's physical and mental well-being and are committed to not only rebuilding the affected body part(s) but to restoring the confidence our patients feel when they partner with us.

Abdominal wall surgery

An incisional hernia is an area of weakness in the abdominal wall that leads to a protruding mass. Hernias can cause pain, change in bowel habits and even endanger the health of the bowel.

Our team provides support and additional surgical options while working in cooperation with your general surgery team to restore your abdominal integrity. We aim to restore the pre-surgical anatomic arrangement of your abdomen by releasing muscles that retract when a hernia develops.

Breast reconstruction

The breast and plastic surgeons within our comprehensive breast care program offer breast reconstruction options after a patient has a procedure for breast cancer or other disease. When possible, we employ advanced microsurgical techniques, which use the patient’s own tissue to create a new breast and gives the most natural feeling reconstruction possible.

What to know about breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a journey you choose to take. It is not a requirement. The goal of this journey is to improve self-image and restore confidence. Some patients are comfortable without breast reconstruction and this is a reasonable decision that we respect. However, we believe that all patients deserve to understand the options for breast reconstruction and this is the first service we provide.

Every patient is treated individually based on their personal health profile. Only your physician can describe which treatment options are available.

Facial reconstruction

When the unexpected misfortune of a fall, sports-related injury, motor vehicle accident or other trauma or condition affects your face, you need experienced care. Your facial symmetry and function can be affected by several medical situations, including:

  • Fractures of the facial skeleton
  • Lacerations involving skin, muscles and nerves
  • Resection of the face after tumor removal

We work to not only restore form, but also important functions including vision and the ability to properly bring your teeth together. This is performed with great care to return symmetry to the face. Whenever possible, facial fractures are treated without making a single incision on the skin of the face.

Hand surgery

The hands are a delicate part of your body, and you need someone who understands the complexity involved to address any dysfunction. We bring this respect and understanding to the care of all of our hand patients. We welcome patients with fractures, lacerations, amputations, nerve dysfunctions, nerve pain, joint pain and hand infections.

Nerve pain affecting the hands and arms

Chronic tingling, loss of sensation and pain in the fingers, hands and arms affect so many of us. In many cases this suffering is unnecessary. Pain and numbness are often caused by nerve compression. Several major nerves in our arms are commonly compressed in key locations. These include carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and cubital tunnel syndrome in the elbow.

We can treat these conditions with physical therapy and lifestyle modification, minimally invasive injections or small surgical procedures.


Microsurgery is a specialized form of plastic surgery where healthy tissue from one area of the body is used to reconstruct other areas of tissue (including skin, fat, muscle and bone) damaged from traumatic injury, birth defects, cancer treatment or surgery.

Using microscopes and very precise instruments, a plastic surgeon meticulously separates the healthy – and, most importantly, the small blood vessels keeping that tissue alive – and moves it to the affected area.

The tissue can be transferred while still attached to its supply of blood vessels, known as a "tissue flap", or it can be disconnected from its blood supply and re-attached in its new location, known as a "free flap".

Free flap reconstruction is a cutting-edge technique requiring a technically skilled and devoted team, and we are proud to offer this service to the Myrtle Beach area. It opens the door for new reconstructive options for patients with breast, head or neck cancer and those with reattached limbs after amputation, not to mention countless other applications.

Pediatric reconstructive surgery

Our surgeons are experienced in many procedures designed to reconstruct parts of the body in children. These procedures may include pediatric trauma reconstruction, repair of congenital ear abnormalities and treatment of congenital vascular malformations.